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My wellness workshops and trainings includes customized programs, trainings and workshops curated for teams and organizations to find meaning, vitality and balance in all aspects of life.

Success Stories

“I’m very grateful for the sessions we did with you and everything we learned, those are tools I’ll definitely be using forever!”

Client 1

“I wanted to thank you profusely for the assistance you provided me years ago during my early 20s. It was truly transformative, and I constantly remember how helpful our sessions were. Thank you so much for your time, your understanding, and your help.”

Client 2

Sharon was an excellent facilitator! She was lovely and seemed like she would be very understanding and easy to talk to.”

Client 3

She was fantastic! This is such a difficult topic, with the potential to pull people down rabbit holes.  Sharon kept us on task, while letting everyone ask their questions.  She was very easy to follow and I enjoyed listening to her. She didn’t just “read” the subject matter, she spoke to it. Excellent presenter!!”

Client 4

“Fantastic facilitator. I would love to have more sessions with her and hope my organization digs even deeper.”

Client 5

“Sharon did an excellent job! She was respectful and engaging even when the participants preferred to remain silent. She addressed issues and moved on without shaming unresponsive participants. Very effective!”

Client 6

I am a certified

Psychotherapist | Coach

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
A psychotherapist and certified coach, Sharon brings a personal warmth, vitality and curiosity to all aspects of her work with people.

She operates a private therapy practice and serves as an organizational consultant for public and private sector companies. Her professional training in traditional and body centred therapies combined with expertise in relational intelligence and business enables her to quickly assess relationship dynamics and varied systemic challenges that people encounter … both at home and at work.

Simply, Sharon helps people feel understood and emotionally supported to navigate conflict well, engage in “tough talks” and build better relations to live more JOYfully.

So let’s begin …

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Individual, Couples and Family Counseling.

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